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Cvetomir Krumov | Fraud, Risk and Payments (FRPO) Team Leader | Sofia, Bulgaria

“Always give your best, be patient and curious about the business.”

That’s what Cvetomir, Fraud, Risk and Payments (FRPO) team leader in our office in Sofia, had to share with us when asked about his advice for a successful career.

In 2020 we decided to tell 20 of our stories to help you solve the puzzle of success and here comes the first one.

Cvetomir joined the company in 2018 as an FRPO agent and in less than a year was promoted to his current position. “I have been working in the iGaming industry for 8 years and wanted to join one of the biggest players on the market. When I started, we were around 60 people in Bulgaria. The office was new and almost empty. Everyone was excited to start their journey and to be part of the growing Stars family.

I would say that like every company, we have our advantages and opportunities to improve, but here you have the chance to raise your concerns and know you will be heard. Good ideas are immediately taken into consideration and everyone stands shoulder to shoulder regardless of position, department and seniority.

The company supports everyone who wants to improve by organizing ad hoc courses and e-learning. So far, I have been involved in different programs aimed at developing managerial skills. Regular feedback is also a strong tool that supports people who want to grow.

Nevertheless, there are two things of which I’m very proud. One is my current position. The second is winning the first office poker tournament, which took part at our first summer party.”

GG, Cvetomir.