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#2. Inna Opria – Linguistics and Translation Graduate, Customer Support Team Leader

“Be passionate about what you do and face everything with a positive attitude.”

Meet Inna, Linguistics and Translation graduate, Customer Support Team Leader, and the next awesome teammate to share her story and career advice.

Inna joined PokerStars as a multi-lingual Customer Support Advisor in June 2018. “When I graduated, I was still uncertain about what I’d like to do. I decided to look for a job where I could apply my languages and, at the same time, a place where I would enjoy working. PokerStars turned out to be exactly what I was seeking.

For me, if you love what you do and do what you believe is a great job, it always gets rewarded. In my case that happened by the end of 2018 when I got my first promotion to a mentor. In 2019 I was even sent on an assignment in Hyderabad, India to mentor support agents there. 2

020 brought me my new role and a team of eight people who I’m responsible for.

PokerStars has always provided me with a comfortable working environment, all the necessary training and workshops, and a supportive direct manager who has always been there for me. Looking back, my growth within the company makes me feel proud. Two years ago, I was an extremely shy, introverted person. Now I’m confident, open to people, always with a smile on my face and… a Team Leader!”

To top it all off, Inna and her boyfriend are packing their bags for a journey to LA: “PokerStars always gives timely praise. Back in December 2019, I was one of the 53 nominees in an employee recognition initiative called Marble Race, a sports-themed virtual horse race. I won a trip to Los Angeles, including a FOX Bet studio tour! Exciting, right?”

I, Opria.