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Tsvetomir Tsvetanov | Customer Support Team Leader | Sofia, Bulgaria

“Patience, focus, and strong will. These are the ingredients for success.”

And this is how Tsvetomir crossed paths with PokerStars. Joining as a Customer Support specialist and progressing to become a Customer Support Team Leader.

“I saw a billboard one day and got excited to see that PokerStars was hiring in Sofia. Playing poker with my family and friends is one of my favourite pastimes and I’ve always imagined myself in the iGaming industry. With ten years of experience working with customers in restaurants, hotels, and an airline – I decided to take the opportunity.

What makes PokerStars unique are my colleagues. It’s amazing how many different people, from various backgrounds, countries, and cultures are working together as part of a global team. You learn a lot and have engaging conversations with many points of view.

The highlight of my journey so far was my trip to Malta to take part in the GRID, a famous obstacle race there. It was amazing! The company flew in colleagues from every office around the world to build one big team. We stayed together in the same hotel and shared thoughts, opinions, drinks, and even the mud during the GRID Sprint!”

T, Tsvetanov.