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Giuliano Cani | Customer Support Team Leader | Sofia, Bulgaria

“Work hard, find your inner balance, and be yourself.”

PokerStars believed in me. Gave me an important chance to grow. And this without having to change my personality. In fact, I feel respected. When the working day is over my colleagues, no matter the position, often attend my band’s gigs. It’s cool!

Giuliano Cani, first a Customer Service Advisor, now a Team leader, describes his teammates as “passionate, funny, helpful”.

I heard very good things about PokerStars and I decided to apply after I left my previous job in Sofia in 2018. I was impatient to start and very surprised during the first days. The training, the summer party, everything looked great. It’s strange to think that almost two years have passed already.

Here you can meet people from all over the world. It’s a good chance to learn more about different cultures. I can also practice the languages I studied at university.

Looking back, what makes me very proud is reaching my current position. And getting praised for my work on behalf of the high management when I was still a Support Agent. That was straight after an important concert I had!”

G, Cani.