#6. Mariia Fedorova – Senior Fraud, Risk and Payment Specialist

“Stay positive, be ready to learn, go the extra mile and never give up.”

That’s how Mariia Fedorova, Senior Fraud Risk and Payment Specialist, interprets the formula for career success.

Mariia joined our Bulgaria team more than two years ago. With a background in political science and international relations, she joined us as a Payment Analyst.

“I have never worked in the industry. But I am always eager to learn. I decided to join the company and take this opportunity.

Fun fact about me is that I used to work on a cruise ship and sailed around the Caribbean islands. I took part in a Spanish language course, using my personal interest allowance, a cash amount to fund a hobby or interest that PokerStars provides. Still no hablo español though.”

M, Fedorova.