Home Blog #8. Arthur Borges – Fraud, Risk and Payment Team Leader

#8. Arthur Borges – Fraud, Risk and Payment Team Leader

“Self-reflection can result in a completely new career path and growth.”

It’s time we paid another visit to our Fraud, Risk, and Payment department to hear Arthur Borges’ story of becoming a Team Leader.

“I started my career here in 2018 and it’s always flattering to look back and see how much the team has grown. A lot has changed in little more than two years and many new amazing colleagues joined in.

I became very passionate about the business, especially about the security department. My hard work paid off with the opportunity to become a team leader. I am very proud to be able to transfer my knowledge by delivering training to new joiners and other departments.

Having worked in several companies, I see this as a place where you can share ideas and get different opportunities to grow. Just have confidence and keep up your efforts.”

A, Borges.