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Guilherme Casagrandi | Customer Service Support Advisor | Sofia, Bulgaria

“Stick to your values and show that you’re always ready for any situation.”

“I’ve worked as a customer support agent, insurance broker and waiter while I was living in Brazil,” shares Guilherme, a Technical Specialist within our Operations Teams.

Starting as a customer support agent, here is what he remembers about his first days:

“I was completely amazed by the office environment, especially since it was my first time working in such a well-known multinational company. PokerStars offered not only great surroundings where you can freely talk to your colleagues, share ideas and relax, but also initial training and a supportive manager who always has my back, constantly helps me, and talks to me not as a superior, but as a friend. I had an awesome experience from day one.

Although I’ve never worked in tech-related jobs, I’ve taken an interest in the area ever since I was little and researched a lot through the years. I am proud that I was able to show my knowledge and skills, which allowed me to join the tech team.

My favourite perks here are the Sportscard and personal interest allowance, along with the relaxing areas in the office and the free vending machines. Outside work I really enjoy all possible sports and musical instruments. Playing and learning multiple things is one of my goals in life. I’m planning to start drum classes soon.”

G, Casagrandi.