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Bozhidar Petkov | Agile Delivery Lead | Sofia, Bulgaria

“Technology is at the heart of everything we do. We streamline processes. We oversee everything”

Meet Bozhidar Petkov. He is an Agile Delivery lead, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Part of an international team dedicated to build, deploy and run a best-in-class customer experience on a consolidated sports betting and trading platform, or simply GSTP (group sportsbook trading platform).

“As a Delivery Lead, I use the whole Atlassian stack. I have two teams – one made up of five other Delivery Leads who each leads a squad, and a squad of eight DevOps.

When you join one of our teams, you’ll quickly discover how friendly and knowledgeable our colleagues are. To encourage knowledge sharing we have a weekly meeting to show and tell good practices and new technical achievements. You will have a new challenge every day, but you will have the freedom to find your way to deal with it.

A recent one was the release of a new sportsbook (site for betting) in the US state of Colorado. We needed to collaborate with a lot of internal and external teams from different locations all over the world but the good communication and positive attitude of the company’s employees helped with the delivery of the project on time.

Go live of the site was smooth with no major issues. This was the 3rd US sports betting site we’ve opened live and we get better every time.”

“I saw the ad for my role on a Sunday,” says Bozhidar, when asked to give advice to a new candidate. “I applied immediately, and everything happened so quickly. If you see something interesting, just don’t hesitate. Apply and we will get in touch with you.”

B, Petkov.