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A (Virtual) Onboarding Like No Other

Virtually interviewing and onboarding into a new role is a unique and brand-new challenge for many candidates in 2020. We spoke to some of our more recent starters, from Toronto through to Hyderabad, to get a first-hand insight into the virtual recruitment process and hear about their experiences in their first few months at PokerStars.


Please welcome Joseph, Nicole, Preeti and Roman to the PokerStars family:

  • Joseph Allen – Junior Advertising Operations Executive, Leeds
  • Nicole Destounis – Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Toronto
  • Preeti Gupta – Global Engagement Coordinator, Hyderabad
  • Roman Ivanov – Poker Analyst, Malta

Q: How have you found your first few weeks at PokerStars?


  • Joseph: “Thoroughly enjoyable! I am still getting to grips with how the company works and everything that the role entails, but my team are really supportive and always happy to assist me where they can.”
  • Nicole: “My first few weeks at PokerStars have been very exciting. At first it was nerve-racking starting completely remote. However, my manager along with my team were quick to help me feel like I was part of the company with people to turn to for any questions.”
  • Preeti: “My first week was great. Everything was virtual but still I got a chance to see and interact with many team members.”
  • Roman: “I was enjoying the quiet first few weeks, which are quite different to your usual working day where everything is moving, working, gears turning. The whole team was quite busy with ongoing series, but still managed to jump into training us right away. That was impressive and I knew right away that I am exactly where I wanted to be.”


Q: Were you nervous about starting a new role virtually?


  • Joseph: “Not at all! I had been working from home for a couple of months prior to starting, so I was used to that aspect of it. Also, I had spoken to all my immediate team via video call during the interview process, so I wasn’t really very nervous to start working with them that way either!”
  • Nicole: “Yes! This is my first time working virtually and remotely, plus it’s my first job after graduation.”
  • Preeti: “Yes. I was a bit nervous because there is a huge difference in working from home and starting a new job from home virtually, but in PokerStars everyone is very nice, cooperative and made me comfortable in every way!”
  • Roman: “I was mostly impatient to learn about my new role and more excited than nervous, since doing it all virtually was something unique and more challenging. I wasn’t alone throughout the process, so I was doing great.”


Q: What was the virtual recruitment process like?


  • Joseph: “It was fine – I had a video call and a Skype audio call to replace the face-to-face interview, as well as a follow up phone call, but considering I had spent the last two months using Zoom everyday it didn’t feel too abnormal!”
  • Nicole: “Surprisingly easy! My interviews were conducted through Zoom, which allowed me to be able to do them from home. After starting, I was given some training and onboarding tasks. Overall a smooth start!”
  • Preeti: “It was very quick and didn’t take much time in completing the rounds of interviews and releasing the offer.”
  • Roman: “I went through all the same steps I would’ve normally, except for a few small details – other than the obvious talking to a screen, people who were interviewing me also made time for short informal chats. We talked about things outside of work, which made me feel more comfortable.”


Q: What has been the highlight of your onboarding so far?


  • Joseph: “Getting an extremely comfortable desk chair delivered to my home address!”
  • Nicole: “The highlight of my onboarding was how easy and not very time consuming the process was. Everyone in HR got me settled quickly!”
  • Preeti: “I really want to appreciate the efforts put in by the team to deliver my laptop in India, where most of the cities were under lockdown.”
  • Roman: “At first it was a bit weird. So much was done for me before my actual start date. Afterwards, however, the first thing that manifested itself was trust. The level of it in the team is indescribable.”


Q: What are you most excited about in your new role?


  • Joseph: “Learning new things every day and ultimately developing myself as a PokerStars employee. But also, finally getting into the office and meeting all my colleagues properly!”
  • Nicole: “Learning more and continuing to grow in the field!”
  • Preeti: “My role itself is about making employees feel motivated and passionate about their jobs, but the thing that excites me in my new role is working with the global team.”
  • Roman: “The people, talents and minds that I am being around now. To me personally, I was given the opportunity to learn something and to progress. So far, it seems there’s plenty of room for that – which is what I’m most excited about.”


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