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Natalia Rossi | Team Leader Customer Support | Sofia, Bulgaria

“Whatever you are doing, do it in the best way you can.”

Natalia, one of our night shift customer support team leaders, believes that you shouldn’t wait to give your best, but cultivate it as a habit you practice every day.

She joined the team in November 2018 as a support agent and a year later became a team leader.

“I graduated in Civil Engineering and studied in Brazil and England. Then, at the start of my career in Sofia, I was looking for a place where I could find both stability and opportunities to grow. I joined PokerStars and I can honestly say that I was impressed. I found a company that provided all the tools I needed from day one. I had amazing mentors, a friendly and supportive team and an outstanding manager. All of this still encourages me to improve more and more.”

Natalia still feels nostalgic when remembering her first days here: “Suddenly I entered this room full of unknown faces with the sound of different languages and accents all around me. I will not lie – my brain had a hard time adjusting. A few minutes later we were all already gathered in the kitchen, drinking coffee and sharing experiences. It felt as if we were the new kids. It is so nice when I see these same people nowadays, however now they are mentors, specialists and managers!”

“I am proud of my whole path so far. Many of my accomplishments cannot be measured in numbers because they are much more valuable than that. I developed self-confidence and became more aware of myself, my potential and improvement opportunities. Plus, I have the honour to be surrounded by amazing teammates who inspire me daily.”

N. Rossi

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