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Iva Balkanska | CRM Delivery Specialist | Sofia, Bulgaria

“Joining a new team and meeting its members can be a daunting task, but everyone at PokerStars was very supportive. I was amazed by how structured and smooth the onboarding process was.”

Meet Iva Balkanska, CRM Delivery Specialist, part of our CRM Delivery team based in Bulgaria. Iva joined the PokerStars team in February and has wasted no time in taking positive strides in her role.

We asked Iva to describe her first few days at PokerStars, and two words initially came to mind: “Mind blown!” she said. “My work equipment arrived on time and I received clear instructions and support from day one.”

Whilst the onboarding was a positive experience for Iva, she’s surely met some challenges in the day-to-day of her new role.

“Adjusting to the workload was a challenge at first. Our team handles at lot of tasks, but there are good, well developed processes to follow,” Iva shared.  “Processes ease pressure, especially when paired with solid structure. Team structure helps us multi-task, keep track of, and manage workload in an efficient manner.”

Since joining, Iva embraced these challenges head-on, utilizing them to improve her time management skills and familiarize with our internal systems.

“Everything is handled so well and doesn’t feel stressful,” said Iva. “Our team embraces challenge in stride and works collaboratively toward a solution.”

Well-adapted to the PokerStars spirit and mentality, Iva identified “Show Passion” as her favorite company value: “You really see passion in each team’s work. Everyone is impassioned and inspiring, and such an environment gives us an extra push to succeed.”

Any role at PokerStars gives employees the chance to challenge themselves. And there are plenty of fun activities and support opportunities to embrace. Iva has done just that.

“The social opportunities are outstanding. The activities available to staff, the rewards given, it all points to a company that truly cares about its people,” she said. Aside from the fun, Iva also made sure to mention PokerStars’ focus on providing Mental Health resources to its people.

PokerStars encourages staff to separate work and home life and will always find a way to be flexible if colleagues need additional support. “Working from home, it can be difficult sometimes to separate work and home life. The Mental Health resources and virtual activities, such as the Feng Shui workshop, have been incredibly helpful.”

Iva cited “career progression” and “a clear working structure” when asked why she chose to join PokerStars. Having prior experience in iGaming, she viewed joining PokerStars as a natural next step.

“What the company offers – salary, benefits, social policy, career progression – is miles ahead of the competition,” Iva shared. “I love that everyone carries utmost professionalism on a daily basis.”

For someone interested in joining PokerStars, Iva would share this advice: “Don’t hesitate! It was a difficult decision for me, whether to join or stay where I was. But after a month, I realized this is the best I could have made for my professional career.”