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Alexei Popov | Customer Support Advisor | Sofia, Bulgaria

“When joining PokerStars, I was very motivated and wanted to prove that I am a fast learner and have a desire to grow within the company.”

Meet Alexei Popov, Customer Support Advisor and statistic aficionado. Alexei has been with PokerStars for two years and was kind enough to share his experience working in Operations.

“When first meeting my manager, I shared my career goals and aspirations with him,” Alexei explained. “He assured me that my goals were well within reach. We made a strategy, a path which I’d need to take to reach my goals, and the rest depended on me.”

Alexei joined as a Customer Support Advisor and quickly had a chance to up-skill in additional areas. Soon enough, he welcomed a new challenge and became a mentor for fellow customer support colleagues. Now, he helps inspire newcomers within the team, much like those who mentored him along the way.

“The first people who inspired me in the company were my mentors. Each mentor I had was friendly, professional and eager to share their knowledge,” Alexei shared. “We’d catch up regularly over a cup of coffee, share how things were going so far, and they would provide sound advice. If someone had told me that after one year with PokerStars I’d become a mentor like them, I would not believe it.”

The inspiration did not just come from mentors, as Alexei explains.

“There’s plenty to like about working for PokerStars, but I’d first mention the people whom I work with. I really love my colleagues, and especially the amazing management team. I had a chance to work with two direct managers, which I can now call my friends. The transparency, the trust, and the help from their side is incredible. It gives me a heads up to be better every day!”

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