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Jason Chan | JavaScript Developer | Toronto, Canada

Jason Chan is one of PokerStars’ JavaScript Developers on the PokerStars Casino card and table games team. This is a small team that has a big impact on the company and the products that our customers use.

His team provides PokerStars with a variety of updates or revisions to the table casino games and makes sure PokerStars’ customers can play these games on as many different platforms and devices as possible.

Jason has a lot of positive things to say about his career with PokerStars but this is what he is most proud of at the moment.

The casino team is unique in that we focus on actively maintaining multiple live products, so our members are required to have a wide breadth of knowledge of our games and projects.”

Jason has seen the Richmond Hill in Toronto office grow a lot lately, and in a virtual environment. From his perspective any newcomers should start prepared: “Get ready to learn a lot, but don’t feel like you must do it alone. There will always be someone who will take the time to help you out and make sure you have the skills to do your job successfully.”

Not only has Jason created training documents to help new team members, he has also thrown a trolling meme in there to keep people on their toes.

“Joining PokerStars will not only encourage you to do great things for the company, you will also be encouraged to express what you have a passion for outside of work. Creativity and seeing things through new perspectives are always welcomed”, concludes Jason.

He should know. Last year, Jason had long luscious hair that went all the way down his back. Then he did the unthinkable. He decided that he would cut it all off. With honor. Jason created his own fundraiser in the Richmond Hill office, giving colleagues the chance to donate to a charity that was close to his heart. Not only did he raise money for the charity, he was also able to donate his hair so that it can be turned into wigs.

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