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Robotic process automation: Knowledge, technology and people for innovative customer experience

Putting our players first is at the heart of what we do. We want to provide our players with a personalised, safe and convenient experience across our business. To make sure we deliver that experience as efficiently as possible, automating certain processes plays an important role.

Sat within our Customer and Product organization, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Delivery Team works across the whole of PokerStars. Its goal is to innovate, to automate, and to unlock the full potential of our customer operations.

Being part of the Automation Team is about determination and curiosity. It’s an exciting high-profile opportunity for anyone openly inquisitive about how process automation can benefit PokerStars, and who will use their drive to deliver the best automation solutions. All that with the support of the latest cutting-edge technology across PokerStars.

With ownership of the full process, each RPA Developer in the team assesses and helps to deliver the automation opportunities across all departments and our three verticals, poker, sport and casino. The progression from RPA (Robotics Process Automation) to IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) can be a huge advantage as it can be integrated to various applications and processes.

To find out more about the day in the life of a Robotic Process Automation Developer, we reached out to the team and asked for some insights:

“A mixture of redesign and building of new processes using the business’ chosen RPA tool (UiPath) and management of relationships across multiple teams is a key focus for the team,” said Laura Byrne, Operations Delivery Manager.

Laura then added, “A typical week could be spent validating processes regarding automation suitability, building new processes, being innovative in creating ideas for more efficient solutions, collaboration with the business analysis to support their process workshops, and many more inspiring activities.”

“This team comprises of fresh minds brought into the world of automation that opens a pool of opportunities and ideas to explore round the business. This position provides adequate support to both a fresher and an experienced person to explore the possibilities of automation with a different set of process setup,” explained Anirudha Bag, Operations Robotic Process Automation Developer.

He then added, “Since it is a new team, the role provides scope for a developer to make the business aware of what RPA can bring to easing the customer experience and reaping benefits by removing the repetitive tasks and engaging the existing workforce to more value-added tasks.”

Regarding company support, Anirudha said: “PokerStars provides ample support for its employees to learn, as it provides access to various online resources like UiPath Academy, which has a pool of learning materials that can be used to expedite any blockers that developers face during their development.”

“The company culture is driven by values and principles that can enrich the employees to work towards a common goal. It is also one of the companies that are employee-centric and prioritise employee wellbeing.”

Are you the next one to play a key part in PokerStars transformational RPA programme of work? Check out our RPA Developer role and apply here.

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