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Ryan Kajiura | Build and Release Operations Manager | Toronto, Canada

Ryan Kajiura started working with PokerStars in December of 2020 as a Build and Release Operations Manager. He works out of the Richmond Hill office while completing his day to day tasks with his global teams in Sofia Bulgaria, India, and Isle of Man.

Ryan joined the company with nearly twenty years of experience under his belt and was ready to hit the ground running. With his strong skill set in the tech world and his communication techniques, he successfully manages three different teams that consist of over twenty members globally.

Ryan is able to make his new team members feel welcomed not only because he is still new to the company himself and knows what kind of adjustment it is, but because he uses tools such as Wiki and confluence to help train new team members. He makes time for each individual team member by having virtual lunches with them. This creates opportunities for him to figure out if his team members need support and gives the team an opportunity to ask questions. It is also a moment for Ryan to give positive feedback and take personal approach towards everybody.

“I share praises and feedback, have everyone feel included on what is going on with the team and department.”

Approaching the six-month milestone, Ryan has noticed that there are a few things that PokerStars does differently from all the other companies that he has worked for in the past. But the one thing that stands out the most to him is the company culture. “PokerStars tries to keep all communications open and welcomed, we have a level of transparency so that employees don’t feel like they are out of the loop when decisions are being made.”

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