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Levi Mandji | Customer Support Advisor | Sofia, Bulgaria

“Be humble and ready to make mistakes, and most importantly have an open mind to recognize them, learn and move on.”

Meet Levi Mandji, Customer Support Advisor, a fan of 50 Cent beats, an expert in sports and fitness.

Levi started in the gaming industry in 2018 in Malta, making strides from Game Presenter through to Bet Settlement. After much success, he decided to start a new chapter with PokerStars and relocate to Sofia, Bulgaria, to join our Player Support Services team.

“I joined PokerStars because the company really cares about their employees and tries always to satisfy us. Being part of a big company like PokerStars gives you the chance to interact with many departments and colleagues from around the world. As a former athlete, I’ve always interacted with many cultures in different places, and PokerStars offers the same opportunities in a professional setting. It is great.”

We asked Levi to reflect on his journey with PokerStars thus far.

“Starting as an Account Specialist was quite challenging for me since I had a more analytical background,” Levi explained. “Nevertheless, with some help and effort from my colleagues, I managed to move on and master my given duties.”

Levi joined the Sportsbook Specialist team less than a year later, which came with its own challenges. We asked Levi to speak on those challenges, as well as anything he finds fascinating about his job.

One challenge is knowing that you’ll never know everything and that each day brings new issues and queries to troubleshoot and resolve. Even though it sounds intimidating, this challenge motivates me. I also have the opportunity to assist my colleagues firsthand with relative queries, and I really like that.”

Keen to lend support to his colleagues, Levi also touched on how PokerStars supports him in his role and professional development.

“PokerStars offers many initiatives, internal and external, such as free courses from the largest learning sites, and the chance to speak and share your thoughts with executives,” Levi shared. “There are many paths offered if you are willing to learn and improve your skills. Over time, you will have a chance to explore other teams in the company, without a doubt.”

A natural leader, Levi created an internal weekly newsletter where he shares stories of major athletes and sports events, hoping to inspire and motivate fellow colleagues. He also leads a wellbeing initiative, which spreads awareness about the importance of work-life balance, shares workout programs, and sets up future community events in Sofia.

Tasked with giving his best advice for someone who’d like to join PokerStars, Levi said: “Be yourself, have a long-term vision, and focus on developing your knowledge. We all know where we are lacking. Just acknowledge it and take small steps daily to improve. In a matter of no time, you’ll become very proficient, and hopefully soon after, you can leverage your skills in order to progress. If you’re reading this, just give us a chance. You won’t regret it.”

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