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Mental Health First Aider

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At PokerStars, our people can train to become certified Mental Health First Aiders and lend support to peers across all our locations.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a training course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue.  Mental Health First Aid is an important initial channel of support for anyone who may be experiencing any challenges to their mental health wellbeing. They cannot offer a diagnosis but can provide advice on options.

Spread across our global community, our Mental Health First Aiders are a point of contact and reassurance for anyone who may be experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress. They listen confidentially, non-judgmentally, hold supportive conversations and signpost people to professional help.

We caught up with some of our Mental Health First Aiders at PokerStars for some first-hand insight:

Jenny Mati, HR Business Partner, London:

“I like to help those who need it.  Usually, Mental Health First Aiders are the first point of contact for someone who is struggling and it’s rewarding to be able to guide them to the right place so they can get the support they need.  We need to encourage people to talk more about mental health and eliminate the stigma that surrounds it, particularly in the workplace.”

Jo-Ann Corr, CRM Product Executive, Isle of Man:

“I have had my own battles with mental health and I know having someone who will listen can make a difference. By sharing my story, it has been mentioned to me that I have become a safe place for those needing to talk. I always want to be a safe place and be an ear for friends and colleagues when they need to open up. I live with it every day, but it feels so free when you acknowledge it and tell someone you are suffering. Mental Health struggles will impact most of us, if not all, and to know I am in a position to listen as a MHFA is very rewarding.”

Lynn Zhao, Lead Product Owner, Toronto:

“Mental health means there is no internal fears to prevent people to enjoy the freedom and happiness.”

Nicolle Zilli Da Silva, Associate HR Partner, Dublin:

“I always believe that we are stronger together and whatever challenge you are going through, you are not expected to do it alone. As mental health first aiders we are here to listen, non-judgmentally, and just like the physical first aiders, we’re here to be a first point of contact to help. Having an open and safe environment for people to talk can make a real difference.”

Yael Natra, QA process Implementation Lead, Richmond Hill

“Mental health is a changing state of mind that can be impacted by both external and internal causes.”

We all have our struggles – work-related or personal.

It’s always okay to talk about them.

There are many ways to get help and support for your mental health. Please remember, you are not alone.