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Boryana Ivanova | CRM Delivery Specialist | Sofia, Bulgaria

“My colleagues are more like a second family, the wealth of knowledge shared and the support for one another is amazing.”

Meet Boryana Ivanova, CRM Delivery Specialist, marketing ace, and snowboarding fanatic. Boryana joined our team in Sofia in 2019 and has tackled many challenges along the way while enjoying the relationships she’s developed with teammates along her path.

“Be prepared for an adventure!” Boryana explained. “Our work is very dynamic. With things constantly changing and evolving, it’s important to be ready to learn, ready for a challenge, and ultimately ready to push yourself.”

With an educational and professional background in marketing, Boryana is no stranger when it comes to working collaboratively to produce quality campaigns.

When asked about her first few days with PokerStars, Boryana said: “I was definitely nervous with all the information, systems and processes to adjust to. But my excitement outweighed feeling nervous, and with immense support from my manager, I felt at ease and got going straight away.”

Expanding on support from leadership, Boryana explained that managers are regularly sharing knowledge to improve one’s professional and personal development. She also shared that managers are supportive to colleagues who may seek a change in their current role.

“You have the option to explore opportunities within the company and move to other roles to continue developing your professional career, if you so choose.”

As an experienced CRM Delivery Specialist, Boryana shared some information about the role itself.

“This role requires hugely developed organization skills. It also requires great communication skills, patience, and creativity. With business needs constantly changing, you have to be comfortable working in a dynamic environment that keeps you on your toes and pushes you to be the best.”

Aside from day to day, we asked Boryana what she likes most about working at PokerStars.

“At PokerStars, you are recognized and rewarded. Your contribution toward success is always recognized,” she said. “PokerStars is different because they always listen to your ideas. There’s no fear when presenting a new idea or suggestion – not many companies are willing to listen to their people.”

Teamwork is a key element of our success at PokerStars, with “Work as a Team” serving as one of our core values. To wrap up our time with Boryana, we asked her to describe her team with three words.

“Intelligent, supportive and friendly. I’ve made friends for life working at PokerStars. Be ready for a colorful journey filled with knowledge.”