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Meet the Fixed Late Shift

What is it like not to follow the 9 to 5 workday?

Whether taking time out during the day to study, pursuing hobbies and interests, or simply not being a morning person, there are many reasons why the traditional 9 to 5 workday won’t be right for everyone. At PokerStars, we believe in work-life balance and encourage our teams to invest time and effort into their personal growth. The Fixed Late Shift from 4 pm to 1 am could be one way to find the balance that’s right for you.

We spoke to some of our colleagues to find out why they choose the Fixed Late Shift Team.

Maite, Customer Support Advisor

“My name is Maite and I’m from Montevideo, Uruguay. I’m in Customer Support Advisor and also do some extra tasks mentoring our newcomers. I work in the fixed late shift from 4 pm to 1 am. Having this shift is great. It gives me more stability and makes it easier to plan things in the long run and allows me to have plenty of free time before I have to get to work, so I can still enjoy the day. Choosing this schedule was a no-brainer. I am and have always been the opposite of a morning person, so not having to wake up in the mornings to work is a blessing. Also, I feel the workday goes by way faster than with a normal office schedule. Like most 23-year-olds, I really enjoy watching TV shows, listening to music and hanging out with friends. Other than that, I really enjoy reading and sometimes writing myself, and learning new languages.”

Edward, Customer Support Advisor

“My name is Edward, and I am a Russian-American from California. My current role is Customer Support Advisor. My working time is from 4 pm to 1 am. I absolutely love working the late shift, as I am able to combine it with the studies and hobbies that I do in the first half of the day. Also, I am not the best morning person. I like to think of myself as a very chill but serious and ambitious man. My main hobbies are playing the piano and cryptocurrencies. Most of my free time is either spent on studies, doing technical analysis of cryptocurrencies and spending time with my lovely wife and our French bulldog.”

Alexandra, Customer Support Advisor

“My name is Alexandra and I’m from Sofia. I’m a Customer Support Adviser and a mentor for our new starters. I’m in the fixed-late shift, which means that we are working from 4 pm to 1 am. I like it because it is not the usual 9 to 5 job and I like having diversity in my work schedule. The best part of this shift is the team. And honestly, the fact that you can get enough sleep and still have plenty of time during the day for other activities like sports, or else. The benefits are that you really have daylight on your side, I like to rest during the day, and I am productive during the evening. I’m an aspiring photographer and I love travelling, hiking and going out with friends. There are many different people I get to engage with every day: customers and colleagues. I am fascinated with the variety of personalities. I would love to grow in the company, and I am looking forward to it. You really have opportunities in PokerStars and if you want you can learn a lot.”

Angie, Customer Support Advisor

“Hi, I am Angie and I am from Romania. My current role in the company is Customer Support Adviser and I work from 4pm-1am. The benefit of having this schedule is I can get plenty of sleep (as required 7-8 hours per night) and I have the freedom to have all morning off so I can exercise or do pending stuff, anything you would need to. I chose this fixed late shift because it gives you the whole morning to do whatever you want, and the energy you may feel is a lot different. You have half of the day for anything you would need to do. It is a different kind of freedom. What can I say about myself? I like to consider myself a joyful person who loves to interact and meet new people and different cultures. My hobbies are reading and horror movies, which I’ve liked since I was 2 years old. I am also on my path of growing emotionally and spiritually, and I always listen to motivational speeches in my free time, and on nature walks.”

Borja, Customer Support Advisor

“My name is Borja. I’m from Spain and I am a Customer Support Advisor. I like that my shift gives me freedom during the morning, so I have more time for myself and I’m able to go for a walk or attend to personal matters. In my free time, I really like to travel. It’s something that gives me peace of mind and makes me feel alive. Also, music is one of the most important parts of my life. From the moment I wake up until I going to bed, I need music around me. Also, I love to cook. I studied cooking for a year and a half. I would say my days are nothing special. In the morning I have breakfast and go down to the park for a walk and if the day is sunny I also like to play basketball at the playground at home. Afterwards, I like to start cooking early to enjoy what I have prepared. Once I finish, I get ready to start working. My advice, I think, would always be the same: “you have reached where you are now with sacrifice and enthusiasm. Now is the time to take a step forward to grow as a professional and above all as a person”.

Gonzalo, Customer Support Advisor

“My name is Gonzalo and I am from Spain but have been living in different countries like Norway and the Philippines for the last few years. I am currently working as a Customer Support Advisor and I choose the fixed late shift because I prefer working late. I believe the best benefit is that you can sleep more hours. In my spare time, I like to go to the shooting range, riding my motorbike and playing the piano. It´s the perfect break from the routine. This is my first job after finishing my degree. I am very proud of having taught street children in the Philippines between the university and working for PokerStars. My team in three words is inspiring, passionate, and supportive. My motto is: “Work hard, study hard and all your aims will come true!”


Vasily, Customer Support Advisor

“My name is Vasily and I am from Moscow. I am a Customer Support Advisor and Mentor specialising in Russian language support. I use English, Russian and a bit of Bulgarian. My hobbies relate to travelling and riding 2-wheeled transport such as bicycles and motorcycles. The biggest dream of mine would be to travel the world on a motorcycle. Right now, I am attending driving school and I cannot go to lessons and practice if I work from 8 to 5. Basically, most of the businesses work 9-6 and if you work under this schedule, you cannot solve any of your personal issues. And if you are not an early bird, then it is perfect solution for you, while being able to live normal daytime life, solving more personal stuff as well. Pokerstars has an absolutely great and strong corporate culture and values. Colleagues will help you without any doubt, managers would always try to accommodate your wishes and conditions and help you to develop in the workplace. In other words, it means that people care here and it is truly pleasurable to work in such an atmosphere. You can imagine solving customers problems as a math task. The customer comes to you with a problem (or inequality in math terms) and you really need to find that X to solve that inequality. Some inequalities are simple, and some are more complex. You need to engage your mind and find a solution within a timeframe, which makes this job more challenging, but interesting and diverse at the same time.”

Does any of this strike a chord with you? Think you can bring something special to our team? Apply to become part of the Fixed Late Shift and read more here.