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Sean Mackie | Senior Engineering Manager | Leeds, UK

Meet Sean Mackie, a senior engineering manager who has seen his team grow from two delivery teams to twelve, with plans to expand even more. The teams that he oversees are responsible for deploying our betting platforms and providing a great experience to our customers all over the world. As a manager of so many teams, Sean is always trying to figure out new ways to keep his teams happy while balancing his workload.

“We have quite a few things in this space. Every Friday afternoon we offer L&D time for individuals to bolster their knowledge on a variety of subjects. We also encourage people to group together to try new things. We have standard ceremonies within our workflow (sprint reviews) which allows the team to demo what they’ve accomplished in the sprint and how it works. We also have various communities of practice which allow common disciplines from many teams to come together share problems, solutions, challenges and much more!”  says Sean.

He and his team get to truly see firsthand how active our sites are and how many people are using our platforms at any given time. When asked what makes working at PokerStars different compared to other companies in the market, this is how he describes it:

“I always put this down to two key areas. The scale at which we work is unrivalled, throughout the company we can be dealing with tens of thousands of bets a minute as well as millions of customers viewing our websites. This means our platform needs to be stable but also needs to be performant. This brings lots of exciting challenges as an engineer. My second key area is the people. We hire people who are excited by tech, motivated to trial new things, fail and learn. We’re all one team and we use everyone’s strengths and differing opinions to push us further.”

From working with team members around the globe to being part of a company that has one of the largest online poker platforms in the world, PokerStars offers its employees many great perks. Investing in our employees to ensure they have a career that will motivate them to preform at highest level is something that we are very proud of.

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