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Svetla Georgieva | Mobile QA Engineer | Sofia, Bulgaria

Meet Svetla Georgieva, a Mobile QA engineer who is one of our new colleagues at PokerStars. She joined in May 2021 and already feels right at home with her co-workers. Her team consists of six and she would already consider them close friends.

“Every new person will receive new knowledge and new friends,” shares Svetla who, despite joining the company during the height of Zoom meetings, does not get fatigued by them. Svetla has made a connection with her team that allows them to have genuine conversations with each other. As a new starter herself, the advice that she would give to another new hire is:

“They must do their work with love and desire.”

Svetla’s team is responsible for ensuring that mobile applications meet regulatory requirements for each country. Not only is their work seen by customers on the global scale, they also work with other PokerStars employees around the world. One of the keys to completing her job with great success is having good communication skills and feeding off the energy of her team. This not only makes it easier for Svetla to complete her tasks but is always a great way to boost team spirit. They celebrate the small achievements and acknowledge the work that each other has completed.

PokerStars not only offers new employees a chance to join a global organizations, we offer a chance to make friends with people who understands what is takes to create a great product that is enjoyed all over the world.

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