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Jayant Kumar | Problem Analyst | Toronto, Canada

Meet Jayant Kumar, a Problem Analyst who works out of our Richmond Hill office in Toronto. Jayant is responsible for investigating the root cause of any problem that comes up on our poker site. When there are any issues, he puts on his detective hat and uses his problem-solving skills and tools to analyze the aftermath. He then takes the necessary steps to make sure the incident doesn’t happen again, which helps to make sure our customers receive a great experience.

One of Jayant’s favorite parts about working at PokerStars is working with his team, which consists of six members who all support each other and distribute the workload evenly. Everyone is so close when they come into work, it feels like their second home.

“Everyone on the team excels in the work they do every day using critical thinking,” says Jayant, whose two years with the company he describes as nothing short of exciting. Together with his team, Jayant always takes the opportunity to learn and develop new skills so he can support his team as much as possible. As the problems that he investigates become more complex and intricate, he and his team must be more prepared and aware of what issues can arise. “We are slowly enhancing and taking up problems at larger scales and this provides opportunities within my career to learn by collaborating with different teams.”

When you join PokerStars you will be encouraged to continue to learn and develop your skill sets, whether through our in-house learning programs, your co-workers or our partnerships with external learning sites.

We are always looking for new employees who are willing to continue to grow and challenge themselves once they walk though the PokerStars door.

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