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Florina – Luliana Pitileac | Customer Support Advisor | Sofia, Bulgaria

“Being a first-line customer support agent is quite fascinating. The connection with our players is direct and we can really see the difference we make.”

Meet Florina – Luliana, Customer Support Advisor, part-time coffee drinker and full-time lover of dogs. Florina has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and will soon have an MBA, as she is currently working on her final dissertation.

A PokerStars team member for just over a year, she’s already become a mentor and started coaching new agents.

“Sharing my knowledge with others and helping build their experience is a wonderful feeling,” Florina shared. “I am now looking forward to becoming a team leader and climbing new mountains.”

When asked what she likes most about PokerStars, Florina shared, “The team spirit is one of the things I like most. What makes PokerStars different is the true dedication and commitment towards its employees. There are many opportunities for development within the company and one of the most important things is that each and every employee is being considered.”

Of our PokerStars values, old and new, Florina marks “Strive for Excellence” as her favourite: “I believe that by working towards this value you will inevitably touch all the others. Moreover, we should all give our best every day and strive for excellence, as the sense of achievement is a powerful fuel.”

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