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Meet the Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee: Carlos Severo Alves

In the first instalment of our introduction to the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) Committee, we catch up with Carlos, who is determined to build a better tomorrow for PokerStars employees.  

Joining the DIB committee  
As part of the LGBTQ+ community, Carlos felt that there was a lack of representation within the working environment.   The opportunity to work as part of our DIB committee to inspire change was a key factor in his decision to volunteer, and he’s excited at the thought of what’s to come.   ‘I can build the future for the present and new employees at PokerStars to enable them to work in a company that has made forward steps since I arrived.’  

Why is diversity and inclusion important?  
At PokerStars, our aim is to be an organisation truly representative of diversity and always foster an inclusive environment. Carlos believes an improved DIB attitude will allow him to be his self, without fear of expressing who he is or being judged.

‘Be the change you want in the world’  
Carlos is no doubt inspirational when asked what his favourite quote is, but it’s his recent work related to the LGBTIQ+ group that he believes is his biggest contribution to the DIB committee so far.   ‘I’m particularly proud of the Pride video I was part of. In February, we also had a webinar with two transgender women, and I loved being involved with that too.’   Our focus as an employer is on remembering the importance of conversations about institutionalised discrimination and translating our commitments into real actions for our colleagues.   In June, we celebrated Pride Month by standing in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community, putting together an information hub for employees to learn more about the history of pride. We also held a special webinar, pride-themed staff tournaments, and sponsored the first Pride Festival held on the Isle of Man.  

Have your say  
At PokerStars, all employees have the option to help create a better, more inclusive working environment. If you want to contribute, please reach out to your line manager or your local DIB committee.

Carlos Severo Alves | Real Time Analyst | Saint Julian’s, Malta