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Victor Kuzmanov | Customer Support Advisor | Sofia, Bulgaria

To anyone who wants to join the team, I would say – Don’t put it off, just do it now so you don’t regret it later and seize the moment! Genieße den Moment! 

Meet Victor Kuzmanov, Customer Support Advisor with German who is about to start a new role as a Business Development Specialist in the Technology Strategy Department. Victor is a passionate kitesurfer, skier, true travel enthusiast and has experience living abroad.

We asked Victor to tell us more about his experience living outside of his own country.
“Life in Austria, especially while I was studying, was monotonous for me. I missed Bulgaria since I decided to build a Bulgarian youth community by organising a number of musical and cultural events. I invited a couple of pretty famous artists. During my last years in Austria, I and my team were on the verge of securing a monthly date for organizing a cultural event, exhibition or concert in the Bulgarian cultural centre Wittgenstein. Bulgaria is a country with huge potential and unique nature which is comparable even with the Alps. We’ve got wonderful, exceptionally intelligent people left there or returned, just like me, and that’s all we need to move forward. “

Victor shared with us travel is a way of life for him. So far he has been in over 30 countries on 4 continents. “Every place I’ve been to has something special and different. I love the islands, the coolest ones I’ve visited are Holbosh and Ko Phangan. These are places I would definitely go back to. The most interesting thing that happened to you while travelling was when me and my girlfriend planned a one week journey to Mexico and Colombia. Instead of a week, we stayed a month, we toured two states and saw many landmarks, the most interesting being the city of Tulum.”

We asked Victor how he felt the first time he walked into PokerStars.
“I felt that for the first time I’m a part of something big. Until then, I hadn’t worked in a multinational company with people from all over the world. I figured that PokerStars is the place I want to grow professionally in. The company offers the best conditions and a broad field for expression. It was a real challenge for me.  I’m about to start my dream job as Business Development Specialist in the Technology Strategy Department. I learned a lot for a year and I managed to reach one of my big goals – to grow in my career and to do something that I love that motivates me to move forward.”

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