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Female Mentoring Programme

This month we launched our first ever Flutter Female Mentoring Programme. The programme is an in-house mentoring initiative that’s designed to provide support and encourage mentorship within our community. The initiative will help develop more skills and career pathways for our female colleagues through a framework built on trust and relationships.
Here is what some of our female colleagues have to say about mentoring:

Rabi Atiti: Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Manager
“A mentor helped me realise that endings don’t have to be failures
A mentor helped me pick myself up when I felt overwhelmed and lost focus temporarily
A mentor pushed me and challenged me to be a better version of myself
A mentor helped me fall in love with the girl inside and I have never looked back
A mentor helped me become.”

Claire Parkinson: (Associate HR Director, Customer)
“Having a mentor may not be something you’ve thought about, feel you have time for or understand the value of. For me, it’s about finding an ally who may have some shared experiences with you. Someone who can answer your questions without judgement, push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to think beyond your perceived potential.
Whilst assisting in your career development is a key goal, you don’t need to have a “plan” to find value in a mentor. A mentor will help you to explore your motivations, understand what opportunities might be available inside and outside of our business and support you in going after them.”

Rebecca McAdam: (Associate Director, Group Public Relations)
“We’re all busy and sometimes ‘we’ can get left behind: catering to others, relentless deliverables, and the things that come in and blindside you. Ultimately all are opportunities for us to learn more about ourselves so we can march more confidently ahead with badges rather than bruises. Offering someone to talk to, an ally to help guide you and who has perhaps been there before with another perspective isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s essential. Being a woman in this industry has its pros and cons and, in my experience, is something to navigate. Within our sisterhood, we’ve many battles won and lost and sharing in those experiences can only help make us all stronger. I’m excited and proud to be part of a movement that will help empower and further develop the many talented women we have.”

Francine Watson: (Associate Director, Branded Content)
It’s important for women at Flutter to have role models, and for everyone in the business to have access to experienced and enthusiastic leaders who can listen, offer advice, provide career guidance, and help find solutions to problems.