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Pravin Chahande | Senior AdTech Manager | Leeds, UK

“As a company PokerStars takes care of you and makes sure employees are getting what they need. There is a good culture, and a freedom to experiment and be creative.”

Meet Pravin, who joined PokerStars in 2019 as an AdOps Manager, and has since progressed his career to hold the title of Senior AdTech Manager. Part of the first 200 employees to join the Leeds team, he came to the company with an MBA in Marketing. Having worked on the publishing side, client side was the next logical step for Pravin to complete the circle.

Learning on the job

Since his arrival at PokerStars, Pravin has been instrumental in efficiently delivering tasks and increasing efficiencies across the board. He has been highly involved with automating reports being delivered across the marketing channels, and helped planning team members move away from Excel to become more streamlined.

But that’s not to say his two years with the company haven’t been a learning curve. “I’ve had lots of exposure in terms of day-to-day use of platforms. I’ve been able to work closely with MarTech and learn things from them too, which has been helpful.”

Pravin admits that while there have been challenges along the way, including “marrying the nitty gritties of the gambling industry from odds to offers”, he couldn’t have done it without his line manager.

“My line manager has given us all the autonomy to do things, to try things. He takes on the pressure of upper management and lets me focus on my role. Even if we get something wrong, he’s not disappointed. It’s amazing and inspirational.”

Win Together

Pravin very much abides by the no ‘I’ in team philosophy when pointing out his favourite PokerStars value. Having good people in his team is also his favourite thing about working for the company, and feels it certainly cultivates the culture within.

“Working in a team it’s important that no one is left behind. We achieve things as a team, I feel very lucky to have good people alongside me. People cultivate the culture, if the culture is right then people are happy. Recruitment is really good at the moment.

My teammates always take initiative, always look for work and always want to help.”

Education and progression

At PokerStars, we encourage education with in-house training and further developments of your skills in order to progress your career. Working client side, Pravin admits that the responsibility of handling AdTech on such a global scale has helped his career hugely.

And what advice does Pravin offer for those looking to advance their career in 2021?

“Keep an open mind and learn new technologies, new industry trends. They are always changing so it’s important to stay on top.”

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