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Samantha Barton | Technical Product Owner | Toronto, Canada

‘I think PokerStars really cares about its employees as much as it cares about its players. You’re not just a number. Your manager gets to know you and understands how you want to progress your career.’

Meet Samantha, a Technical Product Owner (StarsWeb) who has been with the company since April 2020.

Leading a team of 20 Developers, QA Analysts, Delivery Managers and Architects, Samantha’s work as part of StarsWeb is integral to the business. They provide support for a number of our biggest projects and represent the core framework behind a number of products.

A team to be proud of

As part of their focus, the StarsWeb team look to impact our colleagues as end users, not the players. This enables Samantha and her team to take on a different mindset, creating tools and frameworks to make PokerStars employees’ day-to-day responsibilities easier.

Samantha describes her team as incredibly intelligent, with a real focus on finding the best solution whenever possible, firmly of the belief that they are a village that work together to succeed as one. She advises anyone looking for a career within the teams she covers to be open and honest, and likes to keep colleagues motivated with games every now and then to ensure work is seen as a fun place to be.

Making a difference

Every day is a chance to learn, and Samantha’s new Lunch and Learn sessions for her team certainly seem to be making a difference. It’s an opportunity for those within to share recent learnings, whether that knowledge has come through Udemy, conferences or a simple chat with colleagues.

But it isn’t just her work as a Technical Product Owner that Samantha excels in. She is part of the mental health initiative here at PokerStars, sharing her personal self-care practices with the company to help others. Those words are available for all to read.

As for her proudest moment since joining PokerStars? Samantha is delighted that she’s been able to make an impact outside of her primary role, mentoring and coaching others through scrums and agile best practices.

If you’re interested in joining PokerStars, then visit our careers page here.