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Vasily Esyutin | Customer Support Advisor | Sofia, Bulgaria

“PokerStars has a strong corporate culture and set of values. Colleagues will help you, without doubt, managers always try to accommodate your wishes and help you to develop in the workplace. People at PokerStars really care and it is truly a pleasurable place to work.”

Vasily Esyutin comes from Moscow to get on board with PokerStars’ board. He is a customer relations specialist in English and Russian, but also a mentor to new colleagues. His greatest dream is to travel the world on a motorcycle, but currently, he uses his flexible work shift to master driving a four-wheeled vehicle.

He shared with us what it’s like to be a foreigner in Bulgaria:
“Usually you are always identified by where you are coming from as it is normal for human nature. When people first meet me and get to know that I am from Russia, lots of people would show their knowledge of Russian words. This is indeed helpful from time to time, because Bulgarians show interest in you, want to have a little chit-chat or even invite you home for a glass of wine (in Bulgarian village had such experience and it is pretty common). People are eager to know you and tend to help you a bit more than others in some instances.  Working in an international environment helps me because apart from finding awesome people, you can also find people from your country.”

Does living abroad helped you realized what you love about your country? Tell us bout the coolest places in Moscow:
“I can say definitely that cuisine is different and there are days when I am dreaming about Borsh with some Siberian dumplings. Luckily they have a Russian shop here. Moscow is very cool in general, very clean, with wide roads and big amounts of parks. In particular, I like “Park Gor’kova”. It goes parallel to the coastline of the Moscow river and leads all the way to Moscow state university. There are all types of activities you can find there, just name it and it will be there. I also love Old Arbat Street. It is a historic street, located right in the city centre and which is full of all kinds of restaurants. If you are going to be there, I definitely advise trying Georgian cuisine.”

What are the advantages of working in PokerStars?
“I can definitely say that Pokerstars is one of the coolest places to work. First of all, it is an international company with offices all over the world. You work with people from all over the world and become friends with them. Secondly, the company always organizes different competitions, events and teambuilding are where you could have fun with your new friends. Thirdly, this company has a corporate culture, which is strong. Everyone feels respected and if something happens, you can always report it and it will get fixed in the future.
I work in the Fixed-Late Shift, from 4 pm to 1 am, and this way I can easily solve my everyday problems like going to the bank, government authorities, hobbies as everything is open during the daytime. I for example attend driving school and it is much easier for me to do it when I have such a schedule. Come aboard, it’s going to be a smooth and fun flight. We provide really good onboarding, competitive salaries and bonuses. But what matters the most is that you are respected no matter who you are and hard work gets noticed.”

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