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Female Mentoring Programme: Update on our progress

Last month we announced the launch of our first ever Flutter Female Mentoring Programme.

The programme is an in-house mentoring initiative that’s designed to provide support and encourage mentorship within our community. Since launch, we’ve had over 190 people join the programme and have started pairing mentors and mentees.

We’ve also had many male colleagues come forth as allies to the programme. Hear some thoughts around the programme from a few of our male leaders:

“I’ve been proud to mentor and support many female colleagues during my time at Flutter. One of the things that drives me and gives me a sense of accomplishment is helping others to succeed in their own careers – mentoring is one of the ways to achieve that. I am happy to share my experience and offer practical guidance and, in turn, I often learn more about others and better understand challenges that they face from their perspective. I would highly encourage my colleagues, whatever your background, to get involved in this great initiative.” – Kevin Harrington, Chief Commercial Officer

“I am delighted to see the Female Mentoring initiative launch and give it my full support as an ally. Mentors have played a key role in my professional development, and I have been fortunate to have had exposure to incredible mentors across the group. Initiatives like this are essential if we wish to change the narrative on gender imbalance and grow the next generation of diverse and empowered leaders.” – Conor Leavey, Director of Casino Product

“Being able to support our female talent through this mentoring scheme is a privilege, especially as we work in such a male orientated industry. It’s key that we provide our female employees with as much support as possible in helping to set themselves up to progress within their careers. I also think it’s a great opportunity for male colleagues such as myself to be reversed mentored and be able to get a different view of the workplace through the eyes of our female colleagues, which I can hopefully take away and utilise in my own work. I can’t wait to be a part of this amazing programme and hopefully support some of my colleagues with their own career development.” – Andrew Callow, Department Head, International Automation Strategy

All employees are encouraged to still join the programme, with more information found on our intranet. To learn more about the programme and hear from some our female leaders, click here.