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Martin Luther King III – Civil Rights Activist and Global Humanitarian

“We must create a world in which our racial, religious, and ethnic differences are respected and valued as vital components of a beautiful global mosaic. A mosaic that reveals the best of us all.” Martin Luther King III

To celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month (GDAM), PokerStars welcomed civil rights activist and global humanitarian Martin Luther King III to a special GDAM webinar.

Martin Luther King III is the eldest son of Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Mrs Coretta Scott King.

Mr King has devoted his life to working in the non-profit sector to promote civil and global human rights as he campaigns to eradicate what he describes as the triple evils of racism, militarism and poverty.

Rabi Atiti, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, introduced the webinar by encouraging everyone to think deeply about everyday acceptance, to foster everyday inclusion for all and to remember that we are stronger together.

Below, we captured few quotes by Mr King during the webinar:

“Wherever we go in our lives, whatever we do, we should make a point of holding up the values of dignity, respect, good will for all people regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical, or mental disability. We should always speak out against bigotry wherever it emerges. Our voice, our deeds and indeed our lives should affirm the sisterhood and brotherhood and unity of all people. When we make this commitment, our lives will grow in meaning, purpose, and nobility. God has provided our world with an abundance of everything that we need to create the beloved community of my father’s dream. Our challenge and obligation today is to nurture and share these divine gifts with all of the world’s people across man-made political boundaries.”

Another inspiring part of the webinar was the vision for the future illustrated by Martin Luther King III: “Our higher calling also reaches out to empower the poor and oppressed, the disadvantaged, the downtrodden and broken-hearted people of our communities. No matter what job you have, making this commitment will bring a deeper sense of fulfilment to your lives. With that commitment, you can be a force for social change who inspires others to do the same. Meeting this challenge will require commitment and much hard work from all of us with prayers, faith, and cooperation. There is every reason to believe that we will succeed, and our efforts will herald a new era of great progress in securing civil and human rights for all. Let’s embrace the future with a radiant spirit of hope and optimism, sisters and brothers of all races, religions, and nations. United and determined to build the beloved community for all humanity. With this vision, we can go forward into a more hopeful future with a dedication to create a more compassionate and peaceful world.”

During the Q&A session, a question from the audience was read by Shahnaz Aziz, Senior Manager, International Engagement and Inclusion  – “How we can support diversity and inclusion today?”

Mr King shared his belief in education as the key to understanding and treating people with dignity and respect. He continued “as a society we talked about it for years, but we haven’t really done anything,” said Mr King.

“From a historical standpoint we need to be teaching about the history and heritage of all people, and as it relates to communities of colour, who are often left out. Much history is taught from a Western and European perspective that excludes minority representation. Create a different curriculum that teaches the history of all ethnic groups throughout the year, not just one month. I would like to see more diversity and sensitivity and human relation training in school systems.”

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Martin Luther King III: “We are all products of the centuries of history before us and our challenge is to synthesize the lessons above past and present, to create a better future for everyone.”

Martin Luther King III