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Responsible Gaming Week

During Responsible Gaming Week it is important to recognise the responsibility we have for PokerStars players and employees when it comes to problem gambling, in the UK and around the world. To praise that duty in PokerStars’ intranet we had a series of articles about Responsible Gaming discussing its importance, its history, and what we do to highlight it every single day internally and externally.

PokerStars Responsible Gaming Team provides players with responsible gaming (RG) tools and messaging, to proactively detect potential problem gambling issues and to interact with players where necessary to ensure that the players play safely and sustainably. It is our responsibility to ensure that, wherever possible, PokerStars players play within their means and do not suffer from any gambling-related harm.

Across the Company, we collaborate closely to share experiences, learnings, and best practices about Responsible Gaming. Education, messaging, and encouragement to use the wide variety of RG tools to control gambling appropriately is by far the best way forward.

To highlight how much work goes into keeping our players safe, the Responsible Gaming Team wanted to share a few stories about what they get up to each day.

Grietje Smid, Customer Protection & Sustainability Specialist,

“I am dedicated to protecting our players and to keep their activity with us safe, and as a form of entertainment. This mainly means that we monitor our players’ behaviour and proactively intervene when we think they are at any risk. What I like most about my job is detective work, finding out as much as possible to make a decision that makes everyone happy, especially our players. From a personal perspective, the most challenging and interesting part of my job is the fact that everything constantly changes and evolves: our own procedures, the regulator’s requirements, our players’ behaviour and our day-to-day tasks. I love being able to give my input and ideas when it comes to the different ways how we can offer protection to our players and being an active part of developing new procedures. Every task, every player, every situation is different, so it never gets boring.”

Alex Valdivia, Customer Protection & Sustainability Specialist,

“As you may know, one of the main goals in the Responsible Gaming Department is to do whatever is necessary to protect our players and provide them with a safe environment. Spreading the culture of responsible gaming with colleagues and players is an essential part of our duties, contributing to an understanding of the gambling-related harm and raising awareness of the impact of the gambling problem on an individual’s life and those around them. In fact, we encourage our players to familiarize themselves with the responsible gaming tools and use them wisely to have a great experience with PokerStars.”

Find out more on the Safer Gambling Week website here.