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Great people, great products, great opportunities. Language aces needed for our Customer Support Team. Use your language skills to help support our international customers. Right here in Sofia.

The Game is on Are you in?

PokerStars needs you. It’s world famous and that means we need people with language skills to help our international customers.

This is all done by email and chat, so no need to worry about phone calls. And we have a variety of shifts available that will let you schedule your work around your lifestyle. All interviews for the positions are conducted online.

We’re ambitious. We’re relentless. We’re successful. We’re fun.

And we live and breathe iGaming. Isn’t it time you joined the party?

Check out the jobs and let’s talk.


Benefits & Perks

Annual bonus opportunity - up to 25% of your annual gross salary

Additional skills bonuses, up to 3 times per year - 600 BGN

Competitive salary

Private dental and healthcare that also covers a spouse/partner

Home Office furniture allowance - 490 BGN

Annual Personal interest allowance to support your hobby or interest - 250 BGN

Sports card with preferential fee

22 days annual leave

Family reward - 1000 BGN

Annual generous 3-year savings plan

Internal & external training

Vibrant company socials & well-being programme

Vibrant company socials & well-being programme

A collaborative culture that promotes fun and relaxation

PokerStars Life