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Find a Career Fit

  • What is the culture like at PokerStars?
    • When you join our team, we’ll give you everything you need to push your own boundaries and build a first-class experience for our players. Our culture of commitment and success will inspire you to grow a career and build relationships in an environment where the best play. Learn more:


  • Do you offer entry-level positions?
    • Yes, we have a widespread of roles, varying from entry to senior levels.


  • Do you offer part-time positions?
    • No, PokerStars does not offer part-time positions at this time.


  • Does PokerStars allow flexible work schedules?
    • In some cases, yes, but can vary depending on the given role you apply for.


  • Where are your offices located?
    • To explore our global community and our various offices around the globe, visit


  • Do you offer remote work?
    • If remote working is an option for the role you are interested in, this will be clearly outlined in the job description.


  • I would like to know more about what salary types you offer.
    • Our salaries are experience-based and guided by local benchmark data per location. We offer very competitive salary and benefits packages to our successful candidates that are discussed at offer stage. We do, however, ask that you provide us with your salary expectations when you apply for our roles to ensure that your expectations are in line with our own.


  • Do you support visa applications?
    • We do offer Visa sponsorship for certain roles across the PokerStars; however, this depends on the specialist skills required for the role, and whether these can be found in the location of the position.


  • What if I need to relocate?
    • For certain roles, PokerStars offers relocation packages for those willing to relocate.

Applying with pokerstars


  • Where can I find information about the opened positions?
    • To see a full list of our current opportunities, head to over to You can also sign up for job alerts for roles, divisions and locations you are interested in.


  • Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?
    • Yes, you can apply for more than one open role. However, your application will firstly be considered for the most relevant role that fits your profile. If you drop from the process of the first role you were considered for, reach out to us and we’ll inform if you are still suitable for any of the other roles.


  • Do you accept CVs?
    • Yes, we accept CVs and LinkedIn profiles when applying for a specific role. However, we do not accept any documents sent to our general inbox.


  • What is the rehire process for former PokerStars Employees?
    • If a former employee wants to join the company again, we advise this person to apply for the role he/she is interested. In our application form we have a question specifying if you have ever worked for the company before. If true, we advise to answer with ‘Yes’.


  • Do you have an employee referral program?
    • We do have an employee referral program and encourage you to reach out to any friends or former colleagues who work at PokerStars so that they can vet your information through our process.


  • I applied, when will I hear back / I haven’t heard back yet?
    • First, we will notify you when we receive your completed application via email confirmation. We respect and appreciate all applicants’ time, but with such large application volume, you will only hear from us directly if you are selected for a phone interview.


  • I applied but I was not approved. What now?
    • We are sorry to hear you haven’t been successful this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to the rejection message you will have received. You can also sign up for job alerts for roles, divisions and locations you are interested in. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Interview Prep

  • How can I prepare for an interview?

First and foremost, do your homework:

    • Research the company and the interviewers
      • Get familiar with our brands, products, people and career opportunities
    • Go through the job description
      • This will give you a good understanding of the role you are applying for and prepare you for any questions.
    • Be ready to give examples.
      • Focus on how you handle different situations from your past/ current work experience


  •  How should I prepare my home equipment for a virtual interview?
    • Test the video link prior to the interview.
      • Make sure the meeting link works, the appropriate apps are installed, and that you have a good, stable internet connection.
    • Set the camera and audio.
      • “Testing, 1, 2, 3…” do a soundcheck and set the camera at eye-level for optimal viewing.
    • Find a quiet space with good lighting
      • Make sure you interview in a well-lit, undisturbed area.


  • What if my internet connection is not very strong?
    • If you don’t have a strong enough internet connection, try connecting your device to your router by ethernet cable, rather than using Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can use your phone if it has a better connection than your internet.


  • What should I do to ensure I am at my very best for my interview?
    • Choose the setting
      • Find a clean and vibrant environment to emphasize your professional look
    • Be punctual and present
      • Make sure you are on time, stay focused, engaged and maintain a good posture and eye-contact.
      • Be YOURSELF and give it your best shot.


  • Will it be held against me if my home equipment set-up is sub-par?
    • We appreciate interviewing from home can sometimes be challenging. Do not hesitate to share anything we should take into consideration prior to your interview. For example:
      • If you are a parent at home who may experience interruptions.
      • Unable to maintain suitable lighting.
      • A bad internet connection.
      • If you have any issues or questions, your Talent Acquisition contact will be available to help.


  • Should I ask questions?
    • Yes – Please come prepared to the interview with questions that you may have.


  • What should I wear?
    • Dress to impress: Dress as you would for an-in person interview, sharp and camera-ready.


  • How much time will the interview take?
    • If you match what we’re looking for, the first interview will be a 30-45 minute phone call or Zoom interview. If that goes well, we’ll meet you for a face-to-face / Zoom interview which lasts about an hour.


  • How will you test my knowledge?
    • Our interviews are administered by well experienced HR and TA professionals, as well as the respective hiring manager(s) for a given role. As part of the interview process you may be asked to complete a presentation/task depending on the role. If you are a technical candidate, there may be some technical testing required during the interview stage. If you are a language speaking candidate, your skills will be tested accordingly.

Post-Interview Process

  • How soon will I know if a hiring decision has been made?
    • At PokerStars, we aim to keep our recruitment process swift and efficient. You can expect to receive definite feedback in 2 business weeks. If there is a delay, you will be promptly informed. We encourage candidates to actively communicate with us during the process.


  • How can I send a follow-up thank you letter to my interviewers?
    • With each step of the interview process, there is opportunity to participate in a feedback questionnaire. Additionally, you can directly contact the Coordinator/Specialist who led your recruitment process, and express your thoughts.

PokerStars Careers Site Tips


  • How do benefits vary from country/location?
    • PokerStars benefits can vary depending upon which country/location the job is fixed within. Each job description highlights the featured benefits for a given country/location.


  • How do I learn more about the different PokerStars teams?


  • What is your stance on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging?
    • PokerStars is a global company. Our customers are culturally diverse and unique, and so are we. We know that great ideas come from sitting down at the table as equals. We are passionate about our people and our customers. We pride ourselves on celebrating, respecting, valuing and supporting differences. Our aim is to be an organisation truly representative of diversity and always foster an inclusive environment, so we encourage applications from everyone. Join us and know you can be yourself.


  • Is PokerStars a responsible gaming company?
    • Our dedicated responsible gaming team is an integral part of the business. A strong sense of responsibility also runs through all of our employees globally. We strive to help and protect players who are at risk of all of the potential negative consequences of online gambling, providing around-the-clock support to anyone who needs it. Read more:

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