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Business Intelligence

Here at PokerStars, data is our greatest weapon. Our team of business intelligence (BI) analysts and data scientists transform data into business insights for almost every department in the company, helping drive strategic business decisions and product improvements. To perform at our best, we need to have high-quality, reliable data available round the clock. We’re a dynamic team, consisting of Data Engineering, Data Analytics and Data Science.

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Data Engineering

At PokerStars, our data engineers provide a consolidated picture of enterprise data to improve data analysis and offer clarity for business decisions.

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Marketing and Game Analysis

Our marketing and gaming data analysts provide analysis obtained from our online gaming community to aid the design and performance of our campaigns and new game launches.

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Data Science

We use big data science and machine learning to provide the business with predictive and prescriptive insights obtained from analysing data and discovering hidden patterns.


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We’re the go-to people for anything from a simple information request, to defining strategies for years to come. Our team’s success is rooted in our work with others across the business. We need people who are driven to find the answers to any question; people with an understanding of how the smaller details can impact the bigger picture.
Alongside the technical business intelligence skills required to work in BI roles, you’ll need a particular set of soft skills to be successful in your BI career. Our people are:

  • Creative
  • Team players
  • Driven by detail
  • Inquisitive and curious
  • Analytical
  • Confident

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In Demand Business Intelligence Roles

Data Science Manager

As a Data Science Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing and leading data-driven projects that provide valuable business analytics, contributing to the various strategies that help PokerStars achieve our goals.

You’ll need an excellent understanding of machine learning and be able to deliver complex, technical data and computer science to stakeholders in a clear narrative.

Responsible Gaming Analyst

At PokerStars, our customer’s wellbeing is our number one priority and we want to ensure that we provide the best support we can. As a Responsible Gaming Analyst, you will be the first point of contact for our Responsible Gaming stakeholders and will provide them with analytical insight into our customer’s gaming behaviour.

You will collaborate with our other business intelligence analyst teams and ensure that we continue to provide an industry-leading Responsible Gaming experience.

Customer Onboarding Analyst

As a Customer Onboarding Analyst, you will be crucial in helping the many teams at PokerStars understand how their work contributes to adding newly registered members to our global community of 100+ million . Your knowledge of business intelligence and analytics will allow us to make effective strategic marketing and software engineering choices in planning.

While using our business intelligence tools to crunch the numbers, you may also be the key to discovering PokerStars next best thing.

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