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Technology is at the heart of everything we do, and at PokerStars, our presence is global. We’ve created a platform used by millions of players each day. As a team, we support the business with everything from IT infrastructures to technical compliance.

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Regional IT Support Jobs

At PokerStars, we work at the front-line of the business. We provide essential help to resolve live IT challenges and enable teams across the company to keep moving at pace.

As a member of the Regional IT Support team, you will need to demonstrate excellent IT expertise, able to work under pressure and have fantastic communication and organisational skills.

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Gaming Analytics Jobs

We’re direction setters. We generate insights to shape both the design and business decisions of our games.

Joining the Gaming Analytics team at PokerStars will require you to provide valuable insights into the data our customers generate and offer solutions based on the information you have analysed.

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DevOps Engineering Jobs

We streamline PokerStars processes, ensuring we’re working as efficiently as possible. We oversee everything – from new code releases and integrations to software management and deployment.

At PokerStars, the variety of software engineers that operate in our DevOps teams all have one thing in common, a passion for coding and the testing required to ensure it works perfectly upon release.

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We measure success in the details. With our always-up, always-available service, we’re working at the top of our game – using the best methodologies and operations. We focus on results and prioritise the innovation that will help us get there. This is a place for anyone that’s driven by achieving the best outcome, every time. Read on below to discover a detailed insight into the types of IT roles that PokerStars currently hire for.

Our people are:

  • Team players
  • Driven by detail
  • Inquisitive and curious

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In Demand Information Technology Roles

DevOps Engineer

At PokerStars, DevOps is one of the most integral aspects of the company and development team. The infrastructure needed to deliver our leading games industry software requires intensive testing and maintenance throughout a product’s life cycle. A DevOps professional at PokerStars will be responsible for the testing and deployment of all software projects – requiring offline and real time assistance.

Discover the latest DevOps Engineer jobs and join us today.

Test Engineer

Test Engineers at PokerStars are responsible for the inspection and reporting on the quality of our industry leading products to ensure that our customer’s experience is the best that can be. Our IT test engineers run tests on various aspects of the products we provide, while identifying and fixing technical issues that may arise when interacted with.

Information Technology Lead

With a range of coding languages, the need for an IT Team Lead at PokerStars has diverse requirements. Our team leads are needed to oversee a talented group of software developers and engineers specialising in Java and React, Node.js & React and DevOps. You will communicate PokerStars company goals and values, motivate your team members and provide continuous delivery of an ever-evolving range of training to ensure that your team keeps up with the pace that the industry sets.

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