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The PokerStars social gaming team focuses on mobile and free-to-play products. Our key responsibilities include the production and maintenance of most of the big names: PokerStars Play, Jackpot Poker, Casino Stars, Goal Clash and Play Money Casino. Right now, Stars Play products are aligned for strategic opportunities in real-money poker and sports betting.

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Design, Develop and Deliver

We embody fun. We bring ideas and innovation to create new products.

High-Quality Code Base

We use the highest quality technology to bring our products together.

A Cool Head

Our people aren’t afraid of performing under pressure and thrive with tight deadlines.

Skills Required For Social Gaming Roles

It may just seem like fun and games, but we take gaming seriously. We look for people with a strong ethic; those who are willing to give their best and be rewarded in return. We’re driven by true creativity and ownership over the products we build.

Our people are:

  • Passionate and ambitious
  • Highly skilled
  • Flexible and eager to learn