Sportsbook Team

Us here at PokerStars design the highest quality of products, while constantly progressing and reinventing the way in which our valued customers are experiencing their favourite games. We do this by creating exciting promotions for only the most relevant and popular sports in each country, our customer loyalty is second to none.

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We maintain the excellent user experience our customers have come to expect.

Product Development

We’re a global powerhouse, creating the leading sports products available on the market.


We have a competitive edge to keep our brands at the top of the game.

Skills Required For Sportsbook Roles

We look for people with a strong mathematical background, who thrive on quick and strong decision-making. As a team, we always need to be ready to take the initiative and be decisive under pressure. People who have a good understanding of bookmaking theory will thrive in our team.

Our people are:

  • Numerate
  • Decisive
  • Cool-headed under pressure