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At PokerStars, we design the highest quality of products while continually progressing and reinventing how our valued customers experience their favourite games. We do this by creating exciting promotions for only the most relevant and popular sports in each country; our customer loyalty is second to none.

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Here at PokerStars, we maintain the excellent user experience our valued customers have come to expect from our Sportsbook product.

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Product Development

We’re instrumental in PokerStars’ strong brand and position as a global powerhouse by creating the leading sports products available on the market.

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We implement a competitive edge in our branding strategies to keep PokerStars at the top of the game.

skills required forsportsbook roles

We look for people with a strong mathematical background, who thrive on quick and robust decision-making. As a team, we always need to be ready to take the initiative and be decisive under pressure. People who have a good understanding of bookmaking theory will thrive in our team.

Having this unique mindset will set you apart from the competition; however, you will need strong soft skills to support delivering the best products on the market. At PokerStars, our people are:

  • Numerate
  • Decisive
  • Cool-headed under pressure
  • Analytical

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In Demand Sportsbook Roles

Business Analyst

Our Business Analysts are crucial in maintaining and improving PokerStars Sportsbook products’ performance. They identify and document problems, opportunities, and solutions that may arise when improving brand recognition or creating a new product. Our team of analysts provide valuable insight to the business due to their excellent interpersonal, analytical and technological skills.

As a Business Analyst, you will have the chance to collaborate with multiple teams to influence decision-making on new and existing sports products throughout the company.

Product Management

Our variety of senior product development managers are the spearhead for conceptualising and implementing our market-leading products. Those in roles such as Product Director, Head of Product and Product Manager will own the strategy, roadmap and multi-team collaboration.

This ensures superior quality assurance, extensive product life cycle management and excellent customer experience for each new or existing Sportsbook product.

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Social Media & Content Manager

Although PokerStars has excellent brand awareness already, there is always the opportunity to improve our standing within the market. Our team of sportsbook marketing managers are here to establish and create comprehensive multinational brand management strategies. They deliver our sportsbook products on leading social media platforms in key international markets.

Roles such as Social & Content Manager and Senior Propositions Marketing Manager focus on creating tailored organic social media marketing messaging for specific markets.